Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable User Policy (“AUP”) governs the usage of services entered between Stackflare and the Customer.

  1. This AUP shall be incorporated by reference into each contract entered by Stackflare with its Customer for availing the Services. In addition, this Policy shall also be incorporated by reference into the Master Service Agreement

  2. This AUP helps and protects the Customer. Availing of Services by the Customer constitutes acceptance of this AUP.

All hosting services provided by Stackflare shall be used by the Customer for lawful purposes only, and as per the applicable laws (including but not limited to privacy laws). Transmission, usage, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of applicable laws including the ‘banned contents’ is strictly prohibited. The ‘banned contents’ include but are not limited to:-

                  • Illegal Activity

Customer may only use Stackflare Hosting's Server for lawful purpose. Transmission of any material in violation of any Country, Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited. To this effect, child pornography is strictly prohibited as well as housing any copyrighted information (to which the customer does not hold the copyright or an appropriate license) on Stackflare Hosting's Server. Also, using Stackflare's servers or network to conspire to commit or support the commission of illegal activities is forbidden as well.

  • All hosting services provided by RackBank shall be used by the Customer for lawful purposes only, and as per the applicable laws (including but not limited to privacy laws). Transmission, usage, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of applicable laws including the 'banned contents' is strictly prohibited. The 'banned contents' include but are not limited to:-

    • Illegal Material - Includes illegally exploited copyrighted works, commercial software, aplications , audio, video, or music files, and any material that violates any applicable law or regulation of any country, and any material that is perceived to be misleading in any manner.
    • Warez - Includes, but is not limited to, pirated software, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, hacking, password cracking, IP spoofing and the like, and encrypting of any of the above. It also includes any sites which provide "links to" or "how to" information about such material
    • HYIP - HYIP sites, or sites that link to or have content related to HYIP sites.
    • Proxy - Any proxy set-ups or connections or any sort of activity through remote proxy connections on our hosting and/or in relation to our Colocation services.
    • IRC Hosts - (Hosting an IRC server that is part of or connected to another IRC network or server) Servers, found to be (a) connecting to or (b) part of these networks;
    • Defamatory content - any website content that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual, or that may give an individual, business, product, services, group, government or nation a negative image.
    • Bit Torrents - Use of software and scripts for "bit torrents" including sending or receiving files using these mechanisms.
                    • Hacking

    Websites dedicated to the discussion of hacking activities or the distribution of hacking tools are prohibited. Also, the usage of Stackflare's computer systems or network to access any system, service, or network without the owner's consent is expressly forbidden.

                    • Service Interruptions

    Any activity which causes service interruptions to either Stackflare's network/servers or any outside network. This includes, but is not limited to, the execution of Denial of Service attacks or other maliciously configured software.

                    • Anonymous Proxies

    Anonymous proxies are easily abused and often cause a negative impact on both the servers and the network they are connected to. As such, they're prohibited on Stackflare's network and servers.

                    • Spamming

    Customer agrees to not have any content on their site that advocates, sells or in any way makes available tools or methods to send unsolicited e-mail or usenet postings (spam), or to use Stackflare Hosting's Servers for relaying unsolicited e-mail or usenet postings, or to use unsolicited e-mail or usenet postings to advertise for their site hosted at Stackflare. Any complaint we receive about a violation of this or the preceding two points will be taken very seriously and will result in immediate account cancellation without a refund. More details about our anti-spam policy can be found here

                    • Personal Information Harvesting

    Collecting or using email addresses, screen names or other personal identifiers without the consent of the person identified (including, without limitation, phishing, Internet scamming, password robbery, spidering, and harvesting).

                    • Blacklisting

    You agree that if the Stackflare IP numbers assigned to your account are listed on an abuse database or blacklist like Spamhaus, you will be in violation of this AUP, and Stackflare may take reasonable action to protect its IP numbers, including suspension and/or termination of your service, regardless of whether the IP numbers were listed as a result of your actions.

                    • Spoofing/Impersonation

    Usage of the Stackflare network to impersonate another person or entity, be it through Email, Internet Forums, or any other means, is strictly prohibited. This includes spoofing email or network packet headers whether or not it is done for malicious purposes.

                    • Spamdexing

    Customer agrees to not engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO, Spamdexing, and so-called “Scraper sites.” These can all have a severely detrimental effect on server performance and are not permitted.

    Any conduct that is likely to result in retaliation against Stackflare's network or website, or Stackflare's employees, officers or other agents, including engaging in behavior that results in any server being the target of a denial of service attack (DoS).

                    • Personal Backups

    With the exception of Stackflare Dedicated Server and Cloud Storage products, the customer agrees to make use of Stackflare Hosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website, and associated email functions. Data uploaded must be primarily for this purpose.

    Stackflare Hosting services are not intended to be used for data backup or archiving purposes. For example, you are not allowed to import or store personal mail archives. Forwarding all emails from another fully-hosted email address for archival purposes is no longer allowed. Further, mail accounts cannot be used for file storage, such as for security cameras, storage of emails used to transfer files, etc.

    NOTE: We reserve the right to delete your mail archives if they get out of hand!

    We also reserve the right to negotiate additional charges with the Customer and/or the discontinuation of the backups/archives at their discretion.

    Hosting Addendum

    The following statements pertain exclusively to Share Cloud hosting products and services offered by Stackflare.


    1. Adult Thumbnail Galleries/Banner Exchanges

    You agree not to run a banner exchange, free adult tgp (thumbnail gallery post), or free adult image galleries on your website.

    1. Abusive Scripts/Processes

    Any script/process/etc that adversely affects the ability of any other customer to satisfactorily use their provided services is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, CPU-intensive CGI/PHP scripts and websites for which the scale of traffic has exceeded the acceptable limits of a shared hosting environment.

    1. IRC Bots/Bouncers

    All IRC bots and “bouncers” (bnc, etc) are forbidden.

    1. BitTorrent software

    While we recognize the value in the BitTorrent protocol as a distribution method, it is far too easily (and often accidentally) abused/misused and therefore not allowed on Stackflare Shared Hosting services.

    1. Proxy Software

    All proxy software, anonymous or otherwise, is forbidden on Stackflare Shared Hosting services.

    1. Network Daemons

    Any process that opens a network socket to accept connections from external networks is forbidden. Processes are allowed to bind to the local host only, but are held to the limitations placed on all other processes. They must not use up more than their fair share of resources and they must not interfere with any other customers' activities.

    Undertakingof the Customer

    1. The Customer agrees and undertakes that;

    2. Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to any of the servers of Stackflare is strictly prohibited. Stackflare shall take no responsibility for the use of its clients’ accounts by the Customer.

    3. In case of abuse of the resources provided by Stackflare, in any way, Stackflare reserves the unqualified right to immediately deactivate the Customer’s account, without refund.

    4. Denial of Service (DOS) attacks directed at Stackflare, or any attempt to launch a DOS attack from Stackflare servers are strictly prohibited. All infractions and or suspected infractions will be vigorously investigated and may result in immediate termination of Customer’s account.

    5. In case the Customer is, in any way, disrespectful towards any member of Stackflare or its staff, Stackflare shall have full right to terminate Customer’s account with it, without any refund.

    6. Stackflare will use reasonable efforts to protect server for its clients / Customer, The Customer is solely responsible for making back-up files in connection with its use of the Services.

    7. Client shall be responsible for any misuse of its Server/account and it must take steps to ensure that others do not gain unauthorized access to its Server/account. It shall not use its account to breach the security of another account or server or attempt to gain un-authorised access to another network or server.

    8. Stackflare will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve all Incidents as soon as reasonably possible, but does not make any representations or warranties as to the timeliness of the resolution of any Incident.

    9. Its password provides access to its account and it is responsible to keep its password secure.

    10. Sharing its password and account access with unauthorized users is strictly prohibited. It will take care and prevent others from using its account. It will be responsible for all consequences of others using its account.

    11. Attempting to obtain another user’s account password is strictly prohibited, and will result in termination of Services.

    12. It shall adopt adequate security measures to prevent un-authorised use of its account.

    13. It shall not attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network or account which includes but is not limited to accessing data not intended for it, logging into or making use of a server or account. It is not expressly authorized to access, or probe the security of other networks. Use or distribution of tools designed for compromising security is prohibited. Such tools shall include but are not limited to password guessing programs, cracking tools or network probing tools.

    14. It shall not attempt to interfere with services provided to any user, host or network or carry out DOS attacks which includes but is not limited to “flooding” of networks, deliberate attempts to overload a service, and attempts to “crash” a host.

    15. Users who violate systems or network security may incur criminal or civil liability. Stackflare will cooperate fully with investigations of violations of systems or network security at other sites, including cooperating with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of suspected criminal violations.

    16. It shall complete its own tests for computer viruses in accordance with best computing practice prior to each and every operational use of the Services.

    17. Stackflare can be delete illegals materials and copyright contents without informing coustomer as per rule of undertaking of the customer.

    Service and Products

    1. Stackflare shall exercise no control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through the network or on the Customer’s websites.

    2. Use of any information obtained by way of Stackflare is at the Customer’s own risk, and Stackflare specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.

    3. Connection speed represents the speed of connection to Stackflare and does not represent guarantees of available end to end bandwidth. Stackflare can only guarantee within its controlled network, availability of bandwidth to Customer’s subscribed Committed Information Rate”.

    4. We reserve the right to terminate the Agreement for Services suspended for violation of the AUP or the TOS with no refund.

    Any violation of our AUP should be reported to us at

    This AUP is an integral part of the StackFlare Terms of Service (TOS). For all issues related to the use of the services not settled by the AUP, the provisions of the TOS shall apply.